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Who We Are

Shenge Children Organization (SCO) is a Christian Humanitarian Organization, dedicated to support children with disabilities especially from vulnerable families and communities nationwide to see them reach their full potential by supporting them to access:
1. Education.
2. Healthcare.
3. Right to life.

SCO has been working in Rwanda since 2018 with over 33 children, and we aim to transform the life condition of children with disabilities from vulnerable families through our interventions.


Empower, educate and improve the livelihood of children with disabilities to grow into independent, compassionate and responsible people.


Shenge children organization aims to Impact lives of children with disabilities (CWDs) by providing them with access to education, health care, right to life and vocational training for parents. Train and promote independence,respect and love. Advocate for the rights of children with disabilities


SCO is focused on and will remain resilient to support CWDs in areas of health; education, and most importantly, family integration where such children have fallen victims of challenging emotional and parental turbulence.With activities as below:

  1. Assessment and personal health follow up.
  2. Promoting self-confidence.
  3. Formalizing & socializing education.
  4. Train the parents on how to support CWDs & empowering them through TVET training.
  5. Raise awareness of the presence of CWDs in the society and how they can be supported to lead to normal and decent lives.
  6. Advocate for the rights of CWDs; access to healthcare, right education, facilities.

Alice Higiro


Fedesi Murisa

Vice President

Aloys Ndayizeye